March 2017

Singing, it's in the blood

I’m often asked “why a vintage singer?” For me it’s simply in the blood. 

My grandfather joined the armed forces prior to the outbreak of the war and was in the unenviable position of being both in Dunkirk evacuations and the battle of Normandy.   He always loved to sing and had a great voice.  He was asked to join ENSA (the Entertainments National Service Association) during the war but as a ranking solider he wouldn’t leave “his boys” who he felt a great responsibility towards.  The showman in him may have felt a tinge of regret since he knew personally, individuals who joined ENSA who went on to have careers in television.  I do believe that in his heart he felt he had done the right thing, my grandad was a man of great integrity and his love of singing never left him.

As a child whenever I watched films featuring a wartime entertainer I wished I had been born in another time and able to serve by “singing to the soldiers”. I do get to do this today, by singing to those veterans of the Second World War who are still with us and it’s an enormous privilege. 

I now sing songs across many decades but I started with wartime and forties, I feel as though I get to do some of the work that my grandfather could not.   


Thank you grandad xx

March 2017

New website launched


A very warm welcome to my new website, please take a look around.  I hope you'll find everything you'll need to know about my work and if you don't do drop me a message or contact me via social media.

I'll be updating this news section regularly, creating a not-quite-macro, not-quite-micro kind of blog.

Ta ta for now